Screen repair near you

Screen Repair near you by Mitch our call out technician


Meet our Senior Technician, Mitch.

This is Mitch. He heads up our call out service dealing with our domestic and B2B customers across Yorkshire. Repairing iPhones on site. 

Mitch is a well loved, easy to get on with and all round good guy. He thrives on making people happy with his repairs and loves to see the smile on their face as he hands back their “looking like new” phone whilst he’s on the road.

As an employee he’s dedicated to always learning new Repair methods, to always doing the best he can for people and is so good at what he does he’s now successfully training others.

In his spare time he loves to goto Music Festivals, watches rugby and since he had a career in bars before he joined us he’s also and awesome cocktail maker. Anyone for a Cheeky Martini (Dry Vermouth, Vodka or gin – shaken or stirred – maybe thinks he’s James Bond)

One thing I didn’t know about Mitch until now is that he used to build Lotus kits cars. Now that’s awesome.

Sometimes you’ll see him in store and more likely if you book a call out service if you want a screen repair near you.

Senior Call Out Technician
Mitch – Mend My iPhone

Genuine Apple emails

Apple last week shared a new support document that’s designed to help App Store and iTunes users avoid phishing emails that mimic legitimate emails from Apple. Genuine Apple Emails have certain information in and 

In the document, Apple outlines techniques to identify an actual App Store or iTunes email, which the company says will always include a current billing address, something scammers are unlikely to have access to.

An example of a well-crafted phishing email

Apple also says that emails from the App Store, iBooks Store, iTunes Store, or Apple Music will never ask customers to provide details like a Social Security Number, mother’s maiden name, a credit card number, or a credit card CCV code.

Apple recommends that customers who receive emails asking them to update their account or payment information do so directly in the Settings app on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, in iTunes or the App Store on a Mac, or in iTunes on a PC rather than through any kind of web interface.

Customers who receive a suspicious email can forward it to, and any customer who may have entered personal information on a scam website should update their Apple ID password immediately.

Scam and phishing emails like those Apple describes in this support document are not new, but at the current time, there’s a new wave of legitimate-looking emails going around that look much like Apple emails that can easily fool customers who don’t know what to look for.


How to Identify legitimate emails from the App Store or iTunes Store

If you’re not sure whether an email about an App Store, iTunes Store, iBooks Store, or Apple Music purchase is legitimate, these tips may help.


Scammers often try to trick you into sharing personal or financial information by sending you messages or links to websites that might look like they’re from Apple, but their actual purpose is to steal your account information. Some phishing emails will ask you to click on a link to update your account information. Others might look like a receipt for a purchase in the App Store, iTunes Store, iBooks Store or for Apple Music, that you’re certain you didn’t make.

Never enter your account information on websites linked from these messages, and never download or open attachments included within them.

Is this email legitimate?

If you receive an email about an App Store or iTunes Store purchase, and you’re not sure whether it is real, you can look for a couple of things that can help confirm that the message is from Apple.

Genuine purchase receipts—from purchases in the App Store, iTunes Store, iBooks Store, or Apple Music—include your current billing address, which scammers are unlikely to have. You can also review your App Store, iTunes Store, iBooks Store, or Apple Music purchase history.

Emails about your App Store, iTunes Store, iBooks Store, or Apple Music purchases will never ask you to provide this information over email:

  • Social Security Number
  • Mother’s maiden name
  • Full credit card number
  • Credit card CCV code

Learn more about phishing and other scams.

Update your account info safely

If you receive an email asking you to update your account or payment information, only do so in Settings directly on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch; in iTunes or the App Store on your Mac; or in iTunes on a PC.

To update your password for the Apple ID that you use for purchases, do so only in Settings on your device or at

Learn more about security and your Apple ID.

If you received or acted on a likely phishing message:

If you received a suspicious email, please forward it to If you’re on a Mac, select the email and choose Forward As Attachment from the Message menu.

If you think you might have entered personal information like a password or credit card info on a scam website, immediately change your Apple ID password.




broken apple device
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Did you know that some iPhones and other Apple manufactured products have recall notices on them. Some get replaced free of charge if yours is an affected item and some have a charge for repair; noticeably the ‘touch disease’ issues.

If you want to see if any of your devices are covered then click here

iOS 11 wallpaper
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In the excitement leading unto the new iPhone, the 8th one, apparently to be called iPhone X, there has been a raft of internal leaks appertaining to the latest features including facial recognition and many other features. Read more here 9 to 5 Mac magazine and see the latest iOS 11 wallpapers.

But for the real truth and the real features wait until Apple unveil it on Tuesday – there is always a surprise or two and lots of things to make you go wow and want to buy one.

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Mend My iPhone uses Rural Sim

James Thompson and his business Mend My iPhone has become part of the RURAL SIM revolution in using a Mobile SIM which improves signal connectivity by covering multiple networks on one SIM.

James spends a lot of time travelling extensively across North Yorkshire supporting domestic and business users with iPhone and iPad repairs on site.
Frustrated with mobile phone signal strength James moved to RURAL SIM which covers multiple networks on one SIM and increases his ability to stay connected and stay in touch with his clients.

James believes RURAL SIM not only benefits his business. It can be used by anyone in remote communities (whatever your age), first responders and essentially anyone who wants peace of mind in making best use of mobile signals available from multiple networks across a wide geographic region. Even M2M and IOT bundles are available on request.

To contact James please call RURAL SIM number 07924 841714



For more details on this amazing Sim product please goto


We Buy Broken Screens

We Buy your cracked LCD screens for iPhone 4,4S,5,5C,5S,6,6Plus.

YES !! We buy broken screens

We buy any quantity.

If you have an old screen, maybe you’ve done your own repairs, maybe you repair phones in your spare time or are a repair shop who needs to be a little greener and recycle the old screens. Either way we will buy them from you providing you meet the following two conditions.

There are two conditions that have to be met:

  • Screens must be original (Apple).
  • LCD must be without dead pixels or other artifacts. Samsung and iPhone 5/5s/5c screens also have to have working touch screen.






Step 1. Pack Your Screen

We advice you to wrap your broken, faulty iPhone or Samsung LCD Screen(s) well ( we recommend you use bubble wrap) and pack it in a box. Every pair of screens should be packaged face to face in order to save space and protect the digitizers.

Step 2. Send it to Mend My iPhone, 20 Tamworth Road, York, YO30 5GJ

When sending the screens, make sure they are well packaged and protected, and ensure that you include your details with the screens (name, contact number and email). Once your parcel arrives (which usually takes about 1-2 days), we’ll be sure to let you know. If you have bigger quantity of screens (more than 10), we recommend Royal Mail Recorder Delivery with tracking number as a method of shipping.

Step 3. We will test it

Once your screen arrives our team will test and inspect it, to make sure you will get the correct payment. This step can take up to 1-2 days (depends of the quantity).

Step 4. Get Paid

This is the easy part. Once the test is done, the only thing left for us to do is the payment, which will be made same day.

 If you have any further questions, please contact us on 0330 999 2949 or email us at

Youtube Video

Mend My iPhone Youtube Video


Our promotional video designed by my son one afternoon to give you an idea about what we do.


My son Charlie, who is a techie sort of kid just like me made me this video one afternoon to help promote the business. it’s amazing and I’ve had a lot of positive comments on Social Media and from friends about it. He put a lot of effort into the Youtube video and it shows in this final version.