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More and more manufacturers these days are making the back of their phones with glass. The advent of this seems to be to aid wireless charging and not for aesthetics. Whist it also looks lovely it is glass and glass smashes. Pretty easily too. 

​Until recently replacing the back glass on the new series of iPhones from the 8 onwards has been a labour of love. Either chiselling the glass off the back - taking 4 hours when we started working out the best way to approach the repair and finally taking as little as 2 and a half hours. Consequently we charged £120 for this labour intensive activity, then we decided that maybe a better way was to replace the entire back housing. This still takes between 45 mins (iPhone 8) and 2 hours (XSMAx),

As a business we have recognised that back glass repairs are becoming more and more necessary. As a result we have introduced a laser cutting machine into our work room to remove the glass by cutting the bonding adhesive from under the glass that attached it to the aluminium frame. These machine use complex CAD drawings to only but the glued sections and avoid areas that expose the internal components. We then clean the frames and rebound glass pieces with 2 part epoxy resin and clamp together so the iPhone has the same high strength fix as the original iPhone from the factory. However as the frame under the glass is only aluminium we sometimes have to replace the entire rear housing as they can become distorted in shape once the rigidity of the glass has been lost if it's been broken a while or is subjected to something like being run-over by a car or stood on.

Samsung Back Cover:

The back cover of Samsung's can be plastic or glass. We can replace these reasonably quickly through heat stripping the original Samsung battery cover and removing. Swapping any Touch ID or camera parts and replacing, bonding with TESA tape. One of the strongest double sided tapes on the market. Wirth a repair time of approx 20 minutes.



iPhone Rear Glass:

The back cover of iPhone 8's and upwards are glass. You can buy iPhone back glass replacements and you can spend 3-4 hours chiseling the glass off and stick it on yourself but we've tried that method and it's not fun. Prior to that the iPhones were aluminium bodies (with the exception of the 4 series - which we still get asked to repair and do) As mentioned before we use a high quality imported laser cutter to remove the back glass adhesive making the removal relatively easy and we use specially adapted back glass to fit over the camera lens to make it a reliable and perfect fit. You can book a repair here book-now with a 2 hour repair time. 


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How technology has changed education

Times have changed since I was in school. We didnít even have calculators (okay this is an exaggeration, but you get my point)

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Faulty phone screen repair and the law - How do I complain ?

We have found that a large number of customers find that their home button stops working after repair, after iOS updates and often just randomly.