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Tips On How To Preserve Your iPhone Battery Life

The most vital technology or part of any mobile phone is not the screen size or quality, it is not the storage space or is the quality of the camera, but it is the battery. No matter how advanced your phone is, without the battery it is useless. In the recent times, with the iPhone 6, Apple has made tremendous improvements to enhance iPhone battery life and performance. However, to those who are still using older versions, battery performance is still a problem and may require phone battery repair york. Here are tips on how to preserve your iPhone battery life:

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Update to the latest software

The best thing about Apple software is that it updates often and the updates include advanced energy-saving technologies.  Therefore, to enhance the performance of your phone as well as the battery performance, ensure that you update to the latest software as soon as an update is released.

Enable low power mode

If you are using iPhone 4s, 5, 5s, 6, 6s or SE, you will realize that there is a feature called low power mode. This feature is switched on automatically when your iPhone battery goes below 20 percent. This feature switches off a number of applications including background app refresh, certain visual effects, automatic downloads, mail fetch and other not so important applications. This drastically saves the battery life of your iPhone. Only iPhones running with iOS 9 have this feature.

Turn Off Motion Effects

The parallax effect is the name given to the slightly moving icons and notifications in iOS when you slightly move your iPhone. These effects were created by Apple to give the flat icons on the screen some depth. The graphic capabilities required to create this effects reduces battery life of your phone. So turn it off and help preserve iPhone battery life.

iphone battery icon
iPhone battery icon

Enable Auto-Brightness

Increased screen brightness eats up battery power. The extra light required to brighten up the screen requires a lot of energy, and this drains your battery faster. When you enable Auto-brightness feature, the phone will automatically use less light in darkness and use more light when outside in the open. However, if auto-brightness feature is not giving you the results you require, you can reduce the brightness of your screen manually.

Turn Off 4G

Although 4G mobile network has more benefits than 3G, it uses a lot of power as compared to 3G networks. Luckily, any iPhone that connects to 4G networks can also connect to 3G networks. Therefore, if you want to extend the battery life of your iPhone, simply switch to 3G network, and you will still enjoy using your phone.

Turn Off Wi-Fi

When you leave your Wi-Fi connectivity enabled, you will be allowing your iPhone to search for available networks even when you do not need the internet. This drains your battery life, and if not switched off, your phone will power off.