home button not working

Why is my home button not working ?

We must get 2 – 3 calls a week from customers al over the country that have had a screen repair and then their home button has stopped working. There are a lot of different reasons for this. Some we can’t explain and however careful we are we’ve damaged about 4 home buttons as a business in the last 2 years. We’ve replaced all those phones with like for like phones as solution to resolve the issue with the customer, where we believe we may have been at fault. 

But many of the other stories we hear could have been avoided we believe by technicians taking more care to understand the mechanics of the phones they are taking apart, and taking more care with a repair they may not have full confidence in carrying out.


Background – what you need to know :

From the iPhone 5s all iPhones have a home button that is coded to the motherboard on the phone it came with. They are paired and cannot be separated for the Touch ID to work and other than by Apple; cannot be repaired. 


How is a home button not working after a repair:

There are a number of reasons..

  • The repairer has used a prebuilt screen containing all new small parts and just taken the old broken screen off with it’s original home button and earpiece, backing paste and camera. The button still works as a physical button, but the touch ID will not work as the coding (for the purpose of security) is coded in the original buttons that came with the phone. 
  • That the buttons delicate cabling, particularly at the point where they bend to be clipped to the screen connection are damaged by poor techniques and improper use of equipments when separating it to remove it and put it onto a new screen. A lot of techs use sharp bladed knives to open screens (from what we have seen on YouTube – a place where lots of tech’s get bad ideas from) 
  • some recent iOS updates, noticeably iOS 11 has caused some intermittent issues with both aftermarket screens and touch ID. 

On the iPhone 5 and 6 series if the button is damaged and the Touch ID stops working its not the end of the world. It still works as a physical feature and so really doesn’t bother most users. However on the 7 series if the buttons is damaged it’s pretty much a useless phone. Unless the phone recognises that the button has failed it will not work properly. In fact if you restore the phone back to factory settings and it doesn’t put it’s automatic assist tool up on the screen its almost impossible to solve. 

Once thing to do when you take a phone anywhere is to ask them “can you guarantee my home button will work after the repair ?” and “if it doesn’t – what would your solution be ?” . We replace people’s phones if we make a mistake – we think other repairers should also make that guarantee. But then we always check it’s working prior to starting the work so that there is no doubt as to whether it was working before we start work on it.

If you have a home button that’s not working – what can you do ?

  • If it’s a 5 or 6 series they can be replaced , they wont have the ID but they will work as a home button.
  • if it’s a 7 I’m afraid it’s a trip to Apple if you really want it repaired, and you may as it’s pretty un-functional when it’s broken, but it will be costly as a repair. Best thing to do is speak to the person who repaired your phone and seek compensation or a replacement phone. See our most read article for help here ( Faulty Repairs).