Fluff in the Charging Port causing problems in York


We get contacted most days by people having charging issues with their iPhones. Either the port feels stiff and they have to force the charging lead in to make it work, wrapping the lead around the phone and holding it in place with a hairband, or just not knowing what to do and the phone going flat.

Most of these problems are, well apart from the one with tin-foil in and the one with the stone in and the occasional one that has actually failed – just build up of debris and dirt, generally just fluff in the port.

If you read this article you should check your port anyway maybe and save yourself some bother long-term. Most people’s port have the fluff in (see picture)


So recently as usual we get an appointment through from a customer..


This form was posted from url:https://mendmyiphone.co.uk/appointment/
Name: A Customer
E-mail: a.customer@emailaccount.co.uk
Subject: IPhone 6 charging dock faulty
Telephone Number: 
Device: iPhone 6
Service: Charging dock replacement
Message: Please quote price for repairing


and we respond…


Morning A.Customer 

Happy to do it  for you. We operate a mobile service where we come to you and fit at your home/workplace. It would typically take 20 minutes and would cost £39.99.

Before you decide to have the port replaced can I suggest you try poking around in the opening with a fine pair of tweezer or a stiff needle and see what comes out. You can’t do any damage but 1 in 3 charging port request I get are solved by taking fluff and debris out.  


This is the response we get back…


Good morning,

That is a great tip! I had already tried to clean out the port, but gently using a toothbrush! I have just had a go using a needle and bingo – a ball of compressed dust popped out! It now seems to be ok. 
I really appreciate your help, and rest assured that I will highly recommend your service!
Kind regards, 

Even better we get the 5* review at the top because we helped someone help themselves. We love doing that. This is genuinely so common though. We see this all the time. It’s currently at 3 in 4 callouts despite giving the advice over the phone we still turn up and pull fluff from the port at customers houses in York, Pocklington and all over North Yorkshire.
The best tools to have at hand are these cheap ant-static tweezers on Amazon: Tweezers
fluff in the charging port in York
 If you need any help or advice on anything please free to call us on 0330 99 2949 or email us using the contact form.