Customer Care

Making sure we do the right thing and look after our customers is just apart of what we are about. We make sure that everything we do is done well and done right the first time. We are human and we occasionally make mistakes and if we do we put them right. Whatever it takes,. I know how I'd like to be looked after and I imploy that same ethos in the company. 

We pride ourself of looking after folk who are having issues with their mobile life and we help a lot of folk for free with advice. We solve problems and we like to think people see we go over and above, Dealing with us distance should be no diff either. You are still a valued customer and we are grateful you found our business and are thinking of using us. A good place to start might be to check out our 5* reviews. 

Privacy & Safety

Your privacy and data is very important to us. We store only the basic information you give to us such as address details to send your goods. We do not keep credit card details as they are handles by third parties vis WIX and Paypal.

We value safety of individuals and share absolutely nothing you give us with anyone else. Zip, nada, zero. Nothing. We are all entitled to privacy and it irritates me that someone would use someone else's data without telling them for financial or other gain. Trust me - we share nothing with no-one.

Wholesale Inquiries

We are happy to supply any products in large volumes and will quite happily engage with you to provide wholesale B2B prices on any of the services and products we offer to domestic consumers.

Please feel free to contact James

Email :

Call : 07934062949

Whatsapp : 07934062949

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards (excluding Amex)

- Cash (in-store only)

-Bank Transfer

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