Smash of the day (iPhone 7 in Yorkshire)


Smash of the Day
(thanks to Damian at iMend for the title)

This iphone 7 had an 8 mile journey on roof of car before falling off and still works;
despite being driven over !
Got a call from this lovely man in the picture who told me he’d got an iphone that had been on an 8 mile journey on the roof of his car. Had fallen off somewhere and they know that cos using “find my iphone” technology they found it by the roadside on a country lane a little worse for wear; 8 miles from setting off.
We picked it up. Stripped the old screen of it and then proceeded to reshape the frame for 45 minutes using corner bending tools so that it could take a new screen (as you can see from the pic the corner was pretty mangled).


So we have a happy customer proving that
1. the “find my iPhone” app is useful
2. iPhones are fully repairable and durable.
3. just cos a phone has a bit of a fall and seems doomed we can usually bring them back to life.


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