Screen repair near you

Screen Repair near you by Mitch our Senior Call Out Technician

Screen Repair near you by Mitch our call out technician


Meet our Senior Technician, Mitch.

This is Mitch. He heads up our call out service dealing with our domestic and B2B customers across Yorkshire. Repairing iPhones on site. 

Mitch is a well loved, easy to get on with and all round good guy. He thrives on making people happy with his repairs and loves to see the smile on their face as he hands back their “looking like new” phone whilst he’s on the road.

As an employee he’s dedicated to always learning new Repair methods, to always doing the best he can for people and is so good at what he does he’s now successfully training others.

In his spare time he loves to goto Music Festivals, watches rugby and since he had a career in bars before he joined us he’s also and awesome cocktail maker. Anyone for a Cheeky Martini (Dry Vermouth, Vodka or gin – shaken or stirred – maybe thinks he’s James Bond)

One thing I didn’t know about Mitch until now is that he used to build Lotus kits cars. Now that’s awesome.

Sometimes you’ll see him in store and more likely if you book a call out service if you want a screen repair near you.

Senior Call Out Technician
Mitch – Mend My iPhone

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