Samsung Repairs

We repair Samsung Phones - screen replacements, batteries, charging issues and much more. 

Screen Repairs:

Samsung Screens are repairable. 

  • We use only genuine Samsung Service Centre packs as we know they work. Giving the best quality repair with a lifetime warranty. It doesn't include accidental damage (cracks, chips, blotches and lines down the screen  caused by impact) but does cover any faults that stop it working. 

Battery Replacements:

Samsung batteries can fail over time. Often the phone just dies and will not charge and whilst it can be a charging error it is commonly the battery. We cab replace any Samsung battery. Whilst we don't stock them we can get most the very next day. Repair doesn't take long. depending on the model it can be from 10 minutes to an hour. 

Charging Problems:

A lot of the time if you have to wiggle your wire or hold in it a particular place or even if your Samsung won't charge if it's not the battery then I guarantee it's almost 90% likely to be a faulty charge port. This repair requires a lot of work to strip and repair the charge port and is delicate work. Ideally allow 2-3 days for this work to be completed.

Camera Problems:

Samsung camera's rarely fail but if they do we can help. Sometimes it's a focusing issue caused by a faulty motor. Sometimes it's just a smashed lens. 

when we repair Samsung's we only use genuine Samsung Service Centre Packs

From our early start in this business 10 years ago we quickly realised that replica (after market) Samsung parts performed poorly and despite their cheap cost they never worked properly. Poor colour tone, glitchy performance and no lifespan. Genuine Samsung screen part are literally often almost the whole phone being renewed. You get a screen factory bonded to the frame which is identical to the one you got with the phone. So often if it's suffered some scuffing or dinting as well as a screen smash, crack or coloured lines you will get an almost new looking phone. This is typical of the Samsung galaxy range, The A series are screen only but some come with new earpieces so you'll have clearer calls too after.