iPhone Unlocking

We provide an Official, Permanent, Apple unlock that removes any network restrictions your iPhone may have by marking your handset as unlocked in Apple’s IMEI database. It allows you to use your handset on any network worldwide. We provide this unlock for all iPhone models running all firmware versions, and there is no need to jailbreak.


Because this unlock is official and does not require a clumsy “jailbreak”, it means you can safely update the OS on your handset at any time, and sync your device with your computer without fear of Apple removing your unlock.


It is particularly useful having an unlocked handset when you go travelling abroad: just pop a local sim in and pick up emails without incurring an extortionate bill when you get home, as roaming rates are around £3.00 per MB if you keep your original sim in whilst travelling! This means every email is costing you around £1.00 to receive…. with a local sim, data will be free.

iPhone Checks Available

We are able to carry out iPhone checks to find out lots of information for you such as what network the phone is locked to and if its unlocked already, whether the iMiE has been replaced which is something EE do when they recycle handsets between users.

Phone iMiE Checks (Same Day Service) £1.99 each

Result Example: IMEI: 3553790716XXXXX Serial: F9CRF523XXXX Product Version: 10.2.1 Initial Activation Policy Description: EMEA Service. Part Decription: iPhone 6 Plus Warranty Status: In Warranty Next Tether Activation Policy Description : UK TMobile Orange. Applied Tether Activation Policy Description: UK TMobile Orange. Find My Iphone: Off Carrier Locked: True
Use this service to check whether your IMEI is replaced or not.
Result Example: Model : IPHONE SE,HB,16GB,RGLD IMEI : 3591420735XXXXX MEID : 359142073XXXXX Serial : DX4S513WH2XX Wireless MAC Address : E05F451EXXXX ICCID : 8944200102988048388 Find My iPhone : Off IOS Version : 9.3.3 Warranty Status : Apple Limited Warranty Warranty Days : 254 remaining FirstUnbrickDate : 09/19/16 Unbricked : false Unlocked : false Registration Date : 09/19/16 Purchase Date : 09/19/16 Purchase Country : United Kingdom Sold By : THE CARPHONE WAREHOUSE LIMITED InitialActivationPolicyDetails : UK Reseller Flex Policy AppliedActivationDetails : UK Hutchison Locked Policy NextTetherPolicyDetails : UK Hutchison Locked Policy Sim-Lock Status : Unlocked
Result Example: IMEI: 353812085XXXXXX Model: APPLE IPHONE 7 PLUS (A1784) Blacklist Status: BLACKLISTED Blacklisted By: T-MOBILE (UK) LIMITED Blacklisted On: 2017-0X-3X 0X:3X:03.0 Blacklisted Country: UNITED KINGDOM
Use this service to check whether the replaced IMEI is "Active/Original" If its "Active" then use EE service. DO NOT use any service if IMEI is "ORIGINAL"
Result Example: Model: SAMSUNG GALAXY S5 G900F IMEI: 3534210663XXXXX Serial Number: R38FB05XXXX Model Name: SM-G900F Model Code: SM-G900FZWABTU Factory: Samsung HQ (Korea) Warranty Status: Out of Warranty Production Date: (02-11-2014) Sold By: England (07-11-2014) Sold In: GB (12-11-2014) Carrier: UK Open