pocklington phone repair

Mobile Phone Repair Pocklington

Apple and other makes and models of Phone Mobile Screens, Battery Replacements, Cracked Screens.

We have been repairing iPhones, Pads and laptops in Hull for about 10 years. We are now based in York but still have regular clients and business customers all across Yorkshire.

We have are around Pocklington most days and can repair your iDevice generally the same day as we carry almost all parts for all devices and can therefore solve most phone issues within 20/30 minutes.

We don’t ask for deposits to order stock – we carry stock.

We also do repairs to Apple iMac and MacBook GPU’s, water damage MacBook repairs and other board faults. Screen replacements to laptops  (same day in your home or office in about 20 minutes) and most of the Apple range (though we have to take these away for repairs – though not always – we do some as lid repairs that we can do onsite)

Data recovery.

Apart from phone repair in Pocklington we also repair iPad, iPad Mini and iPad Air and iPad Pro Series Cracked Screen and Battery Repairs and all  iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 7 series.

Mobile Phone Repairs in Pocklington

Cracked iPhone screen
Shattered iPhone screen
Broken iPhone screen
iPhone not responding to touch
Vertical lines/Strange colors on iPhone Screen

Mobile Phone Repair in Pocklington

We also do the following:

LCD screen replacement
Battery replacement
Home Button replacement (loss of Touch iD)
Charging port
iPhone power button
iPhone Volume switch
iPhone Head phone jack
iPhone Water Damage
iPhone Unlocking


Other Repairs

We also do the following repairs – though we cannot do these at your home/workplace – we will need to pick/return or have them posted to us

Samsung phone repair pocklington – front and back glass, earpiece, camera (glass and cameras themselves) repairs

Sony Experia Models


iPad repairs (usually next day return except Air 2 and Pro models that take 48/72 hours)

Laptop Repairs

Mac and Macbook repairs


Call us on 0330 999 2949 to arrange a repair visit.