patently apple screen protection for iphone
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Patently Apple website is worth a visit for apple fanatics

Patently Apple website is worth a visit for apple fanatics is a must for any Apple Fan wanting to see what they have patented. I know !!


I’ve only just discovered it and it goes way back but way upto date too. There are some fantastic articles on there. From folding phone technology to making the Apple Pencil work with the Apple iPhone.

or have you heard of the Apple Watch Scribble Surface described on patently apple or my least favourite that’ll put Mend My iPhone out of business, the Apple Files Patent for Active Surface iDevice Protection


This is an extract from the blog at patently apple…

screen protection for iphone


Apple has been working on ways to protect iDevices from a fall going back to 2011 when the iPad was first introduced said patently apple. They won their first patent for this invention back in 2016. Another detailed patent for free fall protection was filed back in 2013. Today the US Patent & Trademark Office published another patent application from Apple relating to free fall protection covering “active surface protection.”


Apple’s invention specifically covers a portable electronic device that includes one or more bumpers that are operable to transition between a stowed position and a deployed position.


In the deployed position, the bumpers may be proud of one or more surfaces of the portable electronic device that the bumpers are not proud of in the stowed position. The bumpers may protect the surfaces from impact when proud of those surfaces if the portable electronic device contacts a surface, such as when the portable electronic device is dropped.


The bumpers may form portions of side corners or other portions of the portable electronic device in the stowed position. In transitioning from the stowed position to the deployed position, the bumpers may rotate and/or translate.


Apple’s patent FIG. 1B noted below depicts an environment after the user drops the first example portable electronic device and the bumpers transition to a deployed position to protect the surfaces of the portable electronic device from impacting the structure. The other patent figures show various styles of protective bumpers and a flowchart.



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