iPhones have amazing cameras however they can fail sometimes either from just general wear and use or from being dropped. 

Some of the issues can be software related and if you try a simple software fix using the iTunes update/restore function you may find that sure some things.

However some models, noticeably, the 6Plus suffers from a wobbly camera appearance that in the viewfinder that doesn't solve itself and this needs a hardware repair. Easy to fix in pretty much 10/15 minutes by our on site technicians you can be upon and running and taking family photos again straight away. We use Genuine Apple parts and you'll get the same great quality as before.

It maybe that the camera is fine but it's been dropped and has a crack in the outer glass. We can sort that out too. It's simply a case of stripping the damaged glass out and putting new parts in to repair the broken/cracked part. Again we can do this repair at your home/workplace quite simply.


We are specialists in iPhone and iPad Camera Repairs

Sometimes the camera fails as a result of  Water Damage and we can fix that too.

So if you need an emergency repair you won't need to pay a deposit and wait for a repair. We should be able to get to you for most repairs the same day. We take payment by cash, credit card (including Amex and international cards), bank transfer and PayPal.

We come to you, Repairs typically take 20 minutes from start to testing and you get a 12 month warranty against any workmanship or part defects to cover you.

We stock Apple LCD's as well as a range of high quality, tried and tested, copy screens. You therefore have the choice of Original Screen or Copy. Some circumstances warrant a copy screen. Maybe a cost consideration, maybe you are just selling an spare/unused phone thats been sat around with a broken screen for ages and want it to look like new.

For whatever reason, however your screen looks we can fix it for you.


Just Call us on 0330 999 2949 or look at our prices page for our tariff including call out.


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