Audio Repair 

We Specialise in vintage amplifier and speaker refurbishment and repair.


Particularly the infamous NAD 3020 Series 20. 

We have been re-capping amps for quite a while, using audio specific capacitors such as Panasonic, Elcap and Nichichon and Mylar type capacitors to revitalise and repair the classic god-like Amp.


It started as a hobby after I acquired one some 30 years after I first drooled over one as a teenager, but couldn't afford one. Having bought a broken one and lived with it for years; I started tinkering with it until I worked out all it's schematics and what worked best. They sound stunning when re-capped, 

I have a real passion for these amplifiers and want to restore as many as I can to their full potential. 

We even show the cabinets and screws love with a re-spray when they have been stored somewhere damp and show signs of rust.