Services we offer

to make sure your computer is at it's best

PC/Mac Tune Up £39.99
If your PC/Mac is running poorly, not performing properly, taking ages to load applications,  slow at start-up ? We can help. It could be a lot of things from Hard Drive fragmentation to cluttered windows registry files and redundant temporary files. This service will speed your computer up by repairing all these software issues and highlighting any potential hardware issues/malware viruses.
Laptop Screen Repairs
We can repair any PC/Mac Screens. Some can be done whilst you wait as they take 15-20 minutes to remove and install. Some a bit longer. We can advise you at the time of booking. For this service we require upfront payment as the screens will be ordered just for you - for your machine. Ordering can be done over the phone and all we need is the exact model number and payment. We can then book you in at a time/day to suit you.
Virus Removal £39.99
If your Mac/Pc is slow, glitch, opening programs you didn't ask it to, doing odd things, loading browser pages you don't recognise it maybe you have malware, a virus or something unpleasant on your machine. We can locate the issues and remove them using the latest software.
Upgrades from £19.99
From RAM to a new SSD Hard Drive to repair/upgrade your system. We can install your own parts (for £19.99 per part) or source parts for you for your specific machine.
Need a New Operating System Installed
We can install an operating system for you, for Mac and PC. We can wipe your machine and install a new OS. Upgrade onto of an exiting one. Repair a failed Operating System installation. Add additional portions for multi boots and many more solutions. Install Windows on a Mac ?
Mac Keyboard Replacement £125.00
We Specialise in Mac Keyboard repairs. For whatever reason it's been damaged we can repair it. Full Keyboard repairs are time consuming and involve the complete disassembly of the MAC. We take a great deal of care to source original parts and spend time stripping and rebuilding the keyboard for you.
Data Recovery
Lost Data, Hard Drive Crash, Wiped a Memory Stick, We can recover data off lots of devices such as PC's, MAC's, Android Phones, Hard Drives, Memory Sticks, USB devices and lots more. Call us for advice on 0330 999 2949