iphone repairs york in London
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iPhone repairs in London if you are travelling away from York and need an emergency repair


If you are in London our friends there will help you

We’re excited to announce a partnership with our friends Repairly, who are based down in London and like us you can stay put where you are and they come to you. All you have to do is input the postcode of where you are and they sort everything else for you.!

This is the wonderful way they describe themselves…

We make it ridiculously simple to have your Device repaired, whether it is an iPhone, iPad or Samsung. Really, it’s ridiculous. It’s almost too easy. I’m writing this and I almost want to apologise for how easy it is. Sorry. Sorry from me. Sorry from us as a team. Repairly is THE quickest and most delightful way to get your Device sorted, and we’re afraid to say it’s only getting better.

We currently offer services for iPhone repair, Samsung repair and iPad repair but you’ll see us adding new types of repairs, Devices and locations soon. You can order your repair online, then a Repairly Representative will micro-scooter to your location. They will pick your Device up (with white gloves?!) and return it, fixed, within two hours.

If you’re in the London  area, and need an repair, then check them out!

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