iOS 11.3.1 issues

iOS 11.3.1 issues and copy screens

iOS 11.3.1 issues ?We use original Apple LCD’s – does your repairer?

It maybe something you need to consider when having an aftermarket screen repair done.

Apple are increasingly using their clever software developers to try and stop aftermarket screen repairs.

The latest iOS 11.3.1 issue appears to carry on the theme. Whilst we disagree with their tactics; as we believe in the right to repair – To be able to maintain your own cars, phones, toasters without having to goto the main dealer 40 miles away.

Anyway Mend My iPhone has always used original parts. Our repairs will not fail at a later date,  iOS updates will not have our screens shutting down, going black, having disabled touch . (We have even seen Disabling and re-enabling iPhone 6s home buttons –  that’s been a recent one)

We use original Apple LCD’s. They are Apple products. They are designed to work with all their products. and iOS updates wont stop them working.

Whilst we may not be the cheapest repairer we have always championed original parts and screens for over 2 years now. If you don’t use us ask your repairer for a written guarantee that if the screen fails or becomes disabled via a later iOS update, particularly with the current iOS 11.3.1 issues that you’ll get a replacement screen under warranty. 

Prior to the repair maybe ask if the screens are genuine. Ask to see the screen’s Apple logo.
We trust our screens so much and the quality of our work that we give a 12 month fault warranty.

Who else does that ?

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