Pin Code, Screen pin numbers and pattern locks and Huawei FRP locks removed in an hour.

Apple Devices :

If you have forgotten your PIN number to your phone and are struggling to remove it - we can remove it for you in approx and hour. We charge £15. This service will not remove the iCloud lock. So once the pin is removed and the phone reset you can enter your iCloud password and any data backed up from the last iCloud backup - normally done once a day when connected to WIFI - all your data will come back and the phone will be useable again.

Android Devices :

We can remove Pin, pattern and screen locks off Android devices such as Samsung and Huawei

FRP also known as a Google Lock

If you have tried to reset your Android phone and have a Google lock on it requiring a Google account user name and password to be entered and you have forgotten the password and can't reset it for any reason we can remove the lock in approx an hour. We charge £40 to do this. We can remove them off Samsung, Huawei. Opposition, LG and many other Android brands.

Data Transfers:

We can transfer data including photos, contacts, call logs, messages, WhatsApp and many other user pieces of data from almost any phone type to another. Although it has become much easier these days to swap between an Android and iPhone and vice-versa sometimes customers can run into issues for one reason or another. We have lots of specialist software and more specialist cables to allow phones to communicate especially if there are problems doing it yourself.

Anything else...

You can trust us with your data. Our only interest is making your life better by recovering it because in most cases we can. Any data we need to store briefly on our systems to aid transfer is wiped using 256 bit military grade encryption after. And unless we've been asked to look for specific files we don't even look at your data. We just make sure the files have been moved and transferred by file size so we rarely actually see the contents ourselves anyway. 

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