We do data recovery and data transfers from computers, MacBooks, phones and storage media 

What we do:

We have been helping people recover lost files and deleted data for about 10 years, From all sorts of devices including Windows computers, Apple Macs, portable storage devices such as hard drives and Usb sticks, phones and tablets. We can also transfer data from one device to another such as a Samsung to and iPhone if the proprietary software isn't working. 

What we can recover data from:

Old computers that don't work, MacBooks, Phones with broken screens, data storage devices - the list is endless. Once we have the data off we can move it onto another computer, portable storage or even to your cloud storage, 

How quick can we do it ?:

Data recovery can be slow as we often have to overcome device issues to get the data back. Computers and MacBooks can be relatively simple - even if the device isn't working, the it is becoming harder with non-removable media being soldered to motherboards as we have to remove these chips and often bypass security measure put in place by the user that has long since been forgotten. Needless to say - we have solutions. Data recovery isn't about speed it's about meticulously making sure the data is preserved before extracting it. However data off hard drives from computers is often fast. We had a Samsung recently that took about 48 hours to recover over 10,000 deleted photos. 

Data Transfers:

We can transfer data including photos, contacts, call logs, messages, WhatsApp and many other user pieces of data from almost any phone type to another. Although it has become much easier these days to swap between an Android and iPhone and vice-versa sometimes customers can run into issues for one reason or another. We have lots of specialist software and more specialist cables to allow phones to communicate especially if there are problems doing it yourself.

Anything else...

You can trust us with your data. Our only interest is making your life better by recovering it because in most cases we can. Any data we need to store briefly on our systems to aid transfer is wiped using 256 bit military grade encryption after. And unless we've been asked to look for specific files we don't even look at your data. We just make sure the files have been moved and transferred by file size so we rarely actually see the contents ourselves anyway. 

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