Why you shouldn't try fix your own phone

Tuesday, 11 August 2020  |  Admin

Why you shouldn't fix your own phone

It is becoming more and more popular for people to try and fix their own phones in an effort to save money. It may be a biased opinion, but this is a bad idea. 

There are many bad outcomes where you can damage your phone beyond repair.


Here is the process for fixing your phone and why it isn’t the way it seems:

1. Watch a YouTube video on how to fix your phone
-The phone they are repairing has already often been opened and repaired, multiple times. This makes it much easier to repair.
-The person fixing the phone has a lot of experience fixing them, making it much easier for them to fix it.

2. Order the part to your phone on eBay which likely comes with tools

-The part likely comes with no warranty.
-The odds of getting the best part for your repair are low. For example, you can buy just the glass and not the LCD because the LCD isn’t broken. This repair is so hard and the LCD is so easy to break, this isn’t even how we repair the phone, and we are professionals.
-The tools you get are the cheapest possible parts made. These go directly in the trash in our shop. Also, these are not the tools being used by the people doing the repair in the video.

3. Watch the video again while trying to fix it
-LCDs are very breakable and if you put pressure on it wrong, even the slightest pressure on some phones, you will break it and have to buy another.
-Most phones have roughly 15-20 screws and most have screws that are 2-3 different sizes, meaning they aren’t interchangeable and need to be put back exactly where they came from. exactly !
-Most phones have between 3 and 10 cable connections and up to 3 different types of connections. If you rip one of these cables or damage a connection, you are likely completely out of luck and your phone will never work right again.

When someone tries to fix their own phone, they often end up bringing it to us in a zip lock bag….missing parts. Once you calculate the costs of the parts that you buy, the time you devote to the repair (likely over 1-2 hours), the risk of breaking something and the fact that you won’t get a warranty, you are better off just coming in to us to have us repair it. It will take less time and you get a warranty on the parts and the work.

​We had a customer recently try - what might have cost them only £40 for a screen they bought on ebay cost them £130 including board lever repairs after shorting the motherboard using metal tools and causing a poweline failure. Also the screen they had bought was either faulty or they'd damaged fitting. We gave them it back to return to the ebay seller hoping they'd get their money back. 

Don’t risk paying for it twice (once when you try to fix it and can’t, once when you bring it to us) and just come in to us in the first place and we will fix it for you.

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