Speaker grayed out on iPhone 7

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The iPhone 7 and the 7 Plus has a common issue in which your phone will have the speaker grayed out when you're making outgoing calls. Other symptomps of this issue is that your microphone doesn't work, trying to record a video will result in no sound in the video. This is usually caused by the iPhone 7 dropping, there isn't necessarily a need for a physical damage on the phone, the fact that it dropped will cause this problem to occur.


The iPhone 7 speaker grayed out is usually caused by a chip on the iPhone 7 logic board, this chip is called the Audio IC Chip. There is a slight chance that it may be a software issue (which will require you to factory reset your phone simply to just “test” and see if it is), but based on our experience, this is definitely a hardware issue on your logic board. When your phone constantly drops and or gets hot this audio ic chip becomes loose and therefore causes your microphone not to work and your speaker getting rayed out when you make calls. This audio IC chip is soldered on the logic board (a logicboard is the same as a motherboard, it’s what controls everything on the phone.).

How to Permanently Fix

In order to get the iPhone 7 that’s speaker is grayed out, you need to take the whole phone apart to get to the logic board and then use special micro-soldering tools to get the Audio IC Chip taken out and placed back properly. Special and advanced tools are required to do this repair, these tools include a microscope, heat gun, and everything needed to desolder and resolder the audio ic chip. Only micro-soldering techs with logic board repair experience are capable of getting this repaired successfully, if you put too much heat on the logic board or mistakenly move other components around as you’re soldering then you could easily damage the iPhone 7. We strongly urge you to look for a local repair shop near you and make sure they do micro soldering as we do not recommend anyone to attempt this repair without prior experience.

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iPhone 7 speaker greyed out on calls

Speaker Greyed out

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Can only use Bluetooth

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My iPhone 7 sound has grey out

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