iPhone not charging has a simple repair

Monday, 28 June 2021  |  Admin

how to fix your iphone charging problem


First customer of the morning came in with an iPhone that wouldn't charge, uptown's that point the customer had had to force the charging cable or wiggle and twist it to get it to charge. Sound familiar ?  

iPhones are notorious for the charging port getting bunged up with debris such as fluff and dust, compacting over time and causing the cable not to fit anymore. We se this daily and just clean it out for customers free of charge and it's simple and easy for you to do at home too. The  charging port is a plastic unit with metal teeth and cannot be damaged if you just poke around in the port with something like an unfurled paperclip or a thin sharp pair of tweezers like we have that cost very little off ebay/amazon you'll save yourself a fortune as we know many folk in our industry that just clean charging ports out like we do but claim it's been replaced and charge for a new charging port. Trust me we know that for a fact. 


You cannot damage the charging port by doing this. We've been doing this for years. Cleaning the dirt and debris out is the first thing we do as part of diagnosis of an iPhone not charging problem and almost every time this fixes it. Charging ports rarely fail. 

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