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Mobile Phone Back Glass Repair specialists

We repair all makes and models of phones that need back repairs after after damage. We use original parts where they are available for iPhone, Huawei, Nokia, LG and Samsung.

More and more manufacturers these days are making the back of their phones with glass. The advent of this seems to be to aid wireless charging and not for aesthetics. Whilst it also looks lovely, it is glass and glass smashes easily.

We use a state of the art laser cutting machine to remove the glass on iPhones as unlike all other manufacturers it is bonded with adhesive that's not designed to be removed. This repair is completed on a iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus, iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone SE 2. We have all colours available. We use a laser cutter as it makes the repair safer as it cuts around all cables and requires less physical force onto the phone. We have done hundreds of these repairs in the last few months. We even have other Phone repair companies using us to help them instead of them investing in the very expensive machines. 

The machine and the glues we use give a finish very very close to the original phone. We cannot guarantee it being waterproof sadly but then please believe us when we say iPhones aren't waterproof whatever the claim. We offer a very successful Water Damage Recovery Service too which is proof they aren't or else we wouldn't be repairing about 5 phones a week that have been in water. 


Examples of Work:


Samsung Back Cover:

The back cover of Samsung's can be plastic or glass. We can replace these reasonably quickly through heat stripping the original Samsung battery cover and removing. Swapping any Touch ID or camera parts and replacing, bonding with TESA tape. One of the strongest double sided tapes on the market. Wirth a repair time of approx 20 minutes.



iPhone Rear Glass

 As mentioned before we use a high quality imported laser cutter to remove the back glass adhesive making the removal relatively easy and we use specially adapted back glass to fit over the camera lens to make it a reliable and perfect fit. You can book a repair here book-now with a 2 hour repair time. We offer discounts for bulk back glass repairs. 



Prices for Phones :

iPhone 8                        £45.00

iPhone 8 Plus                £50.00

iPhone X                       £55.00

iPhone XR                    £60.00

iPhone XS                    £55.00

​iPhone XS Max            £60.00

iPhone 11                     £85.00

iPhone 11 Pro              £85.00

iPhone 11 Pro Max      £90.00

iPhone SE 2 (2020)     £50.00

All other makes and Models of Phones £35.00 

We accept mail in repairs. Our aim is to complete the repair on the same day, that we receive your phone. We then return your phone via DPD, next day delivery, at a cost of £10. 

Send your phone to Mend my iPhone, 9-11 Southgate, Market Weighton, East Yorkshire, YO43 3AF. Please include your name and contact details. 

We will call you for payment as soon as we have received your phone and repaired it. We will email you an invoice and we accept card payment over the phone, Paypal and Bank Transfer. 

If you have any further questions please call us on 01430 338906  Mon-Fri 9:00-3:30