We repair Apple Mac, MacBook Air, Macbook Pro

Screen Repairs:

Apple Mac Screens are quick and straightforward to repair. Generally the repair time is half an hour and you are more than welcome to wait whilst we do them. We give a 12 month guarantee (which excludes accidental/water damage). We use the screens from Grade A MacBooks. We repair MacBook Laptops, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and Apple Mac Desktop Screens. Typically it takes 24/48 hours to get a screen and the repair time is about 2 hours.

Battery Replacements:

Apple MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro batteries are renound for being poor - especially after a couple of years of owning one. But batteries can easily be replaced in 15 minutes and give your phone a new lease of life. If your battery has started draining quickly or it randomly switches off or your phones is hotter than normal then it's time for a new battery. Again we give a 12 month warranty. 

Charging Problems:

These can be related to a faulty daughter board in older MacBooks or simply a faulty lead or plug - we can check and sort all of these issues for you.

Slow System:

Down to either corrupt software; or as we find commonly older hard-drives on some machines they benefit from hard drive cloning to a newer SSD drive giving about a 6 x speed improvement which fully revitalises old machines. We offer services to clean up and speed up machines or to upgrade storage. All machines made by apple are radically different so we use the serial number of your Apple Mac, Macbook Air or MacBook Pro to find the exact specification and match the correct hardware for you. 

Software upgrades

We can force a lot of older MacBooks to run some of the lates iOS even if it says to the contrary. Ask us for details.