We repair Apple iPhones

Screen Repairs:

iPhone Screens are quick and straightforward to repair. Generally the repair time is half an hour and you are more than welcome to wait whilst we do them. We give a 12 month guarantee (which excludes accidental/water damage). We use the best screens from the same source we've been working with for the last 8 years so you can trust our quality. 

Battery Replacements:

iPhone batteries are renound for being poor - especially after a couple of years of owning one. But batteries can easily be replaced in 15 minutes and give your phone a new lease of life. If your battery has started draining quickly or it randomly switches off or your phones is hotter than normal then it's time for a new battery. Again we give a 12 month warranty. 

Charging Problems:

A lot of the time if you have to wiggle your wire or hold in it a particular place or even if your phone won't charge if it's not the battery then I guarantee it's almost 90% likely to be dirt and debris in the charging port. I also guarantee that you may have tried to clean it out but have failed. Pop in and see us and we'll give it a free clean and you'll be on your way. We don't charge (lol) for this and I hardly ever replace charging ports. Problem solved.

Camera Problems:

iPhones have a history of faulty camera's; especially on some models. Generally the main (rear) camera either fails completely or the focal motor fails causing a little flickering noise and it won't focus property. Sometimes both camera;s fail - but I guarantee it's only one of them. We have a wide range of parts and can generally get them repaired in an hour or so. I advise bookimng for this to make sure I can have the part. 

Anything else...

There's not much, including water damage, that i've not repaired on an iPhone in the last 10 years ands reckon I know iPhones better than anyone at any Apple store - I like to repair not sell you phones. Thought if you really want to upgrade rather than repair i've got a wide range of phones you can choose from here