Apple iCloud removal from iPads. We can remove it if you have forgotten your details. 

Apple Devices :

If you have forgotten your iCloud password to an iPad we can remove the iCloud lock. This will remove all data from the iPad and we do it by altering it's original serial number and some other data. But you will have a fully functioning iPad. We charge £45 for this service. It takes approx 24 hours to do. 

Wifi Only iPads with iCloud lock :

If your iPad is cellular as well as wifi - which means it can be connected to the internet via a SIM card i'm afraid we cannot currently;y remove the iCloud from it as it's not currently possible. But if your iPad is wifi only we can. 

School iPad and Business iPads :

We offer discount for bulk device processing. Please get in touch by email to or call James on 07934062949

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