About Us


Mend My iPhone has been around about 10 years as a company. I have been repairing and maintaining electronics since I was a kid. I've seen the development and introduction of computers and phones and have been working on them in some form since their inception. 

My need to repair is more a passion than a job and the need to setup the company was to give customers a less techy, more friendly repair place to take their stuff where they'd be looked after and know they were in she hands. That they could trust the repair would be done effectively and without worry.

We are trusted by our customers because i just say things the way they are and offer the best solutions i can.

Who are we ?
James Thompson

I'm the one who will be looking after you and your device repairs.

Jen Catching up on work

We often work late nights to catch up on urgent and complicated repairs. This is Jen doing paperwork.

Jen the Working Dog

On her way to work in a morning. When you get here she's the one that greets you. Please make sure you show her some love :-)